TIM BEVINS is Super Natural Food’s Executive Chef. He has a background in classic French, German, Italian and regional American cuisine. After almost 20 years of restaurant experience in Dallas and Atlanta, heading the kitchens of restaurants such as The Lumen, the W Hotel, Craft, and Craft Bar, he came to the conclusion that the standard American way of eating is not sustainable and has a negative health and environmental impact on the consumers and the planet. He adopted a high raw plant-based diet and is now a fit and healthy ultra-endurance athlete. Tim moved to Austin to join our team and bring his gourmet expertise to Super Natural Food.

LEON GONZALEZ is Super Natural Food’s Sous Chef. Over his last 10 years working in Austin area restaurants and kitchens, he has experienced a growing consciousness about organic and sustainably grown foods that he found hard to reconcile with standard restaurant practices. It wasn’t until his recent tenure as Kitchen Manager of Beets Living Foods Café that he found his interest in raw food turning into a proclivity and passion that stays with him to this day.

MARINA ZELLE is the Founder and CEO of Super Natural Food. She has a long-held passion for health, wellness and nutrition, but has always led a fast-paced life with many demands on her time. She often wished she could have and expert culinary team prepare food for her that was delicious, fresh, organic and as healthy as humanly possible so that she could spend her time on other pursuits. Not finding any options for healthy meal delivery and assuming other busy people had the same need, she created Super Natural Food so she could share the healing powers of healthy raw, vegan diet with others. Her mission is to take the cleansing raw food diet concept that people normally spend thousands of dollars to travel to exotic destinations to experience and bring it into people’s homes and offices. Super Natural Food was created so that Austinites can experience cuisine that is not just healthy, but flavorful and to make it available to those with busy and demanding lives.