I’m in! Where do you deliver to?

Austin city limits.

If the 7-10pm delivery window doesn’t suit me, can I request a special delivery time?

You can contact us with your particular request and we will do our very best to accommodate you. However, there will likely be an additional fee.

Can I pick up my order?

We do not have a pick-up location.

How long do the foods and juices last in the fridge?

We recommend you eat and drink what is in your daily delivery on the following day, but our foods and juices will stay fresh for up to 3 days from the delivery time.

When is a good time for me to do this?

The best time is any time you feel you can fully commit to the program and make it a priority. Set yourself up for success. Ask your family and friends to support you (or join you!) and pick a time when you know you won’€™t have too many social engagements revolving around food.

How often can I sign up?

As often as you like! You can sign up for several weeks in a row, every weekend, once a month, seasonally, or as often as you feel like. Our program provides sufficient calories and nutrients to sustain an active lifestyle, so go ahead and treat yourself.

Is this program safe for individuals with food allergies or dietary restrictions?

Our diet is already vegan, kosher, gluten-free and peanut-free, but if you have specific allergies or requests, let us know by sending us an email and we’€™ll do our best to accommodate you. This is a great program for you if you suspect you have food allergies or sensitivities but aren’t sure because you will be eliminating many of the most common food allergens.

I have a medical condition. Can I still do this?

Most likely, yes. A raw food diet has been shown time and time again to reverse diabetes, cancer, and all kinds of other diseases, but check with your doctor first.

Can I sign up if I’€™m pregnant?

Yes. All of the foods and juices included in the program are highly supportive of a healthy pregnancy. However, because of increased caloric needs during pregnancy, you will likely need to supplement with a little bit of additional food if you’re hungry. One of the herbs prescribed for our program – triphala – is not recommended during pregnancy, so please do let us know if you are pregnant.

Can I exercise?

Yes, and we encourage you to do so! We bet you’€™ll be experiencing much higher levels of energy than you’re normally used to.

Will I lose weight?

If you are eating a diet full of healthy, clean, natural foods in the right proportions, your body will naturally find its optimal weight – whether that means losing 5lbs, losing 100lbs or not losing any weight at all. You will also be detoxing old cravings for unhealthy processed foods, which is how you gained weight in the first place.

What if I am hungry?

Try to stick with it. But if you’re absolutely starving, have a healthy snack like half an avocado or some fresh fruit and send us an email so we can help you through.

How many calories will I be consuming?

We want you to start thinking in terms of “Is this healthy?”€ and “œHow satiated am I?”,€ rather than “€œHow many calories are in this?”€. You will gain greater awareness of how much food your body really needs while on the program

Does it taste good?

YES! DELICIOUS! SCRUMPTIOUS! However, some of the flavors may be new to you, so have an open mind, especially if you are used to eating a highly processed animal-protein heavy diet. After a few days your taste buds will come to favor and crave healthy, fresh natural foods.

Can I drink coffee during the program?

We’re not the health police, but we highly, HIGHLY recommend weaning yourself off of coffee prior to beginning the program. You can substitute green tea or yerba mate for your usual cup of brown poison. Avoid consuming any caffeine after lunch so that you can get a good night’€™s rest. Coffee (along with alcohol, meat, dairy and refined sugar) is one of the most highly acid-forming foods and an acidic body is a breeding ground for disease. While on our program, you will be alkalizing your body and creating an internal environment where healing and transformation can take place. Drinking coffee will not completely derail you, but it is counterintuitive. We don’t want to see you suffer from withdrawal symptoms during the program, so we recommend weaning yourself off of coffee as soon as you can so you can enjoy the experience.

How about alcohol?

We don’t recommend it for the same reasons we don’€™t recommend coffee.

How will I feel on the program?

Most likely, GREAT. We expect most of you to immediately feel an increase in your energy and mental focus. But, depending on how many toxins your tissues are storing, you may have a mild cleansing reaction. Detox symptoms include things like headaches, nausea, sweats, and acne. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep and drinking lots and lots of water. Sweating in a sauna, getting some light exercise, or getting a colonic can really help. Just remember, the toxins are on their way out, not in. To reduce your chance of feeling any unpleasant detox symptoms, we recommend getting off of coffee, cigarettes, alcohol and processed foods for as long as you can prior to beginning the program.

Am I supposed to get a colonic?

Only if you want to. Colonics are helpful for flushing out toxins, so if you experience any detox symptoms a colonic will definitely help, but is not necessary.

What if I have to reschedule my program?

You can reschedule up until a week prior to the start of your program. But, because we place our orders for produce days in advance, we cannot allow you to reschedule within the week leading up to the first day of your program. You can however consider giving a friend the gift of health and change your delivery address. Spread the happy.